The Musgrave Crane leaves Tom’s workshop

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This was an exciting day when the fully restored Musgrave Crane was ready to leave the workshop. When the crane arrived in the workshop it was in pieces and a shadow of its former self, now it was leaving in one piece, in full working order, not a flake of rust to be seen and the paint was gleaming.

The Musgrave Crane, on its heavy wooden support blocks, was moved out of the workshop and into the driveway using `old school` methods with a portable gantry, block & tackle, and levering bars.   It was then ready to be collected by C T Lewis , who lifted it by crane into the narrow street and onto the lorry to take it back to the Hafod Copperworks site.

The Musgrave Crane was slowly inched out of the Henderson Engineering workshop and into the drive. This timelapse shows how we did it.
Mike and Tom winching the crane down the drive.
The crane is in the drive ready to be collected. If you watched the time-lapse, this is the photo we took of ourselves right at the end.
The crane is loaded onto the back of the lorry and secured, it is ready for the journey back to the Musgrave Engine House.
The Musgrave Crane is finally on its way back home! Tom is in the cab with the driver keeping a close eye on the lorry’s load.