Dismantling begins

Dismantling began today and was surprisingly quick. Most bolts turned without resistance and there were three experienced engineers on the case. It is testament to the quality of engineering that the crane has withstood years of Swansea weather.  

Safely with CT Lewis. Recording Begins

A big thank you to CT Lewis for their support and offer to take care of the crane whilst it is dismantled into parts that will fit into Tom’s workshop. Recording started today, an important job, given that the crane has the same protected status as Stone Henge but Keith

Volunteer meetings

Volunteer meetings The first of several planned meetings for prospective volunteers took place on Friday 14th September. It was a positive meeting and demonstrated that there is a lot of interest in the Musgrave Engine and Crane. Watch out for further meetings. Cyfarfodydd Gwirfoddolwyr Cynhaliwyd y cyfarfod cyntaf o sawl

Works starts on Engine House

Work starts on Engine House John Weaver Construction has commenced work on site on the Musgrave Engine House. The schedule for the removal of the crane is the week beginning October 8th. Exciting! Gwaith yn dechrau ar y Tŷ Injan. Mae John Weaver Construction wedi dechrau gwaith ar safle Tŷ

Welsh minister tours Hafod Morfa Copperworks

Carl Sargeant, Minister for Housing and Regeneration, had a tour of what was once the heartbeat of the world’s copper industry. The project to regenerate the area began in 2012, with the Welsh Government putting £768,000 to help secure and save the site. “I’m delighted to be here and see