Final tasks in workshop.

 We worked hard to get the crane finished on time, in total it spent 5 months in the workshop. The crane was painted orange as it was restored to the last known working condition. Other last minute tasks carried out before the crane left the workshop were to fit the

Volunteer with us!

The Musgrave Engine is a unique engine of historic importance (a scheduled Ancient Monument no less) in a very poor condition. After 36 years of dereliction, it is time to stop the decay! Mae’r injan stêm Musgrave yn peiriant hanesyddol unigryw (ac yn Heneb Gofrestredig ar ben hynny), ond mae

From Rust to Polish!

November | Tachwedd 2018 February | Chwefror 2019   Over 100 people joined us at Henderson Engineering on 9th & 10th February to have a close-up look at the wonderfully restored Musgrave Crane. Visitors had the chance to meet and chat with the team of volunteers who have undertaken the incredible work. The

Local children inspired by Musgrave Crane

At the end of last term a group of volunteers from the Musgrave Crane restoration team visited local primary schools to teach the children about cranes with a special emphasis on the Musgrave Crane. The children finished the session by designing their own cranes using simple materials – take a look at

It’s all coming together now

Excellent progress on the Musgrave crane over the last two weeks. The cross travel crab has been fitted, along with the hoist worm-gear support. We have fitted and aligned the long travel shaft and central support. It took a bit of blue engineer paint, some podging and sanding to get

British Steel

It was very important that the project used British resources as much as we could. We are pleased to announce that the new beams were made by British Steel and they came from Scunthorpe. They will soon be ready to have the travelling crane run along them once again, when

Hot Rivets & Beams

A very exciting day at  Crane Renovations HQ (aka Henderson Engineers Yard). Tom and his mighty team of volunteers were joined by Vince Thompson from Iconoclast Constructs, Birmingham. The day had arrived when we could hot rivet the cross travel rails onto the New Beams. We got off to a

The new beams have arrived

The new beams have arrived and with trolleys, brute force and some excellent manoeuvering skills they are now secure in the yard ready to be primed. But what colour will they be painted ? We are awaiting a decision from CADW. Originally, the crane would have been orange but in