Inside the Musgrave Engine House

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The Musgrave Engine and Gantry Crane are now protected from the wet Welsh weather. John Weaver Contractors have done a fantastic job on the Engine House including the new roof with Welsh slate.

 A few final tasks were carried out inside the Musgrave Engine House to ensure the crane could run smoothly on the rails. The chains to operate the crane were also fitted and the various parts of the crane were oiled and greased.

Final touch up of the paintwork.
Tom working hard cleaning the rails with the angle grinder, there was a lot of dust!
Cleaning up the last of the dirt, paint and debris from the rails.
The endless chains have been fitted to the crane and will allow the crane to be operated from floor level (once the scaffolding has been removed).
The endless chains have been fitted to the pulleys and the crane can now run smoothly over the shiny rails. The beams the rails sit on have not yet been painted orange, the ceiling is due another coat of paint too.

The Crane Crew visited the Engine House and were shown around by John Weaver Contractors, the volunteers had a last close up look at the crane before the scaffolding was removed.