Hot Rivets & Beams

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A very exciting day at  Crane Renovations HQ (aka Henderson Engineers Yard). Tom and his mighty team of volunteers were joined by Vince Thompson from Iconoclast Constructs, Birmingham.

The day had arrived when we could hot rivet the cross travel rails onto the New Beams. We got off to a slow start, whilst we learnt the necessary skills and Tom( Engineer Extraordinaire) had to impromptly make a new tool for the job. After that there was no stopping us.

Each beam had 15 rivets attached.

It was a team effort, where we all had chance to take the hot bolts to the rails, where they riveted by Tom and Vince. As you can see we had a great day and we even had chance to roast marshmallows in the forge to celebrate.

I was very lucky to be able to add the first bolt to the beam and we wanted Tom to place and rivet the last one.

Diolch Yn Fawr Pawb- Thank you very much everyone

To see more of Vince’s industrial furniture work, check out his page on


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