Former Hafod copper-works foreman Ivor Williams visits us

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What a finale to the week!

On Friday, we welcomed former Copper-works Foreman, Mr Ivor Williams to the yard.

Ivor who still lives in Swansea is holding a photograph of the Mechanical maintenance workers from 1964. Ivor is the one in the white coat and worked at Hafod until it closed in the 80’s.

Ivor shared lots of stories with us. One of the stories was how local thieves were always trying to break into site to steal the metal. On one occasion, they poisoned a police dog so that they could get into the works. Yorkshire Imperial Workers used to go and buy scrap metal locally to melt down and they would often find some of their own stolen metal there!

We were also joined by BBC Wales News who want to report on the renovation of the crane and the Musgrave engine house. We filmed at the yard and then we took Ivor down to the copper works and, dressed in his hard hat he climbed to the top of the engine house. He never thought he would see the engine from this view.

Ivor, Tom Henderson & myself (Emma Jason) were interviewed by the BBC and hopefully will be aired in the next few weeks.

Thanks Ivor for coming down to talk to us. It was a pleasure meeting you.