Archaeology Tour of the Copperworks

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The Friends group enjoyed an interesting and very informative tour of the Hafod Morfa Copperworks excavations. The archaeology work has been carried out by Black Mountain Archaeology before part of the site is redeveloped for the new Penderyn Distillery .

There have been many discoveries at the Hafod-Morfa copperworks during the archaeology work including :

  • The remains of a large pond which provided water power to early mills on the site.
  •  Remains of the early Morfa Rolling Mill buildings constructed in 1828.
  • Foundations and walls for various buildings and structures including the remains of furnaces.
  • A bathhouse dating from the early twentieth century.
  • WWII air-raid shelter.
  • A filtration system for taking dirty water from the Swansea Canal into the works.

You can read about Black Mountain Archaeology’s findings and look at their images and 3D models  here:

A big thank you to Richard Lewis from Black Mountains Archaeology for his enthusiasm and such an interesting tour, thanks also to Swansea University and Swansea Council for arranging the tour.